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Finding a path for your life

Coming up with direction and solutions for your problems is no easy task. You have to get creative and pull information and knowledge from sources you may not be aware of.

Our mission is to help women get from where they are to where they want to be through self-awareness, personal development and self-love. It's about paying attention to what you say to yourself. Whether you are a creative, an entrepreneur, or stay at home mom we challenge you to become the best version of yourself.

Why EllaGrows?

Are you feeling a lack of motivation, do you feel like you are stuck in a pattern that does not allow you to move forward? Are you in need of balance and clarity in your life? Do you want to develop your talents, and gifts so you can live to your full potential? Are you lacking self-esteem, confidence, self-love, and self-respect? Do you want to change for the better?

Our founder was feeling the same way when the idea of EllaGrows was born. At 50 years old she decided that it was time to take her life back. After almost twenty years of marriage, she lost it all in a matter of months. Her home, job, dignity, family, and friends, but most importantly she had lost herself in the process and did not know how to get back.

Blindsided, freaking out, tired of questioning why and telling everyone else she was fine, depressed, disoriented, full of anxiety, crying, with no sleep, and a wine bottle short of becoming a wine-aholic she knew something had to change. It took her three years, moving six times, and a lot of introspection to finally grow and emerge out of the shadows with hope.

One of the lessons she learned is that the human body and brain are unbelievably strong. They can withstand an inconceivable amount of physical, mental, and emotional pain. She also realized that there is some kind of supernatural strength inside every woman that helps her to find a way and a solution without any outside help.

However, the intense trauma, identity shift, and physical symptoms could not be ignored, and she realized that therapy, a healthy community was the only way. She knew she couldn't change what happened, but she could definitely support and help other women.

"The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance”. - Nathaniel Branden

I love working with creatives, they are passionate, full of ideas, and visionaries full of hope and dreams. am a former Army soldier, model, host of a Latin video show, and mother of four, who decided at 50 years old that it was time to take her life back. After almost twenty years of marriage, I lost it all. My house, my job, my dignity, family, and friends, but most importantly I had lost myself in the process and did not know how to get ME back.

Mayra Gomez is so sweet, fun, professional, and helpful! She will step in and keep people in line when she needs to so that everything is as perfect as it can be. I can't say enough good things about this venue, and I would definitely recommend Mayra Gomez to anyone!” Bride, Alexis

It all happened so fast, divorce, my baby girl leaving for college, empty nesting, selling my home, moving into an apartment by myself, and let’s not forget a pandemic was on the way. In the midst of all the turmoil, I got a call from some amazing friends who asked me to help with their business. They owned an event venue and we all thought it would help me keep my mind busy during those hard times.

“We were planning our wedding from out-of-state, and Mayra got us in for a tour with super last-minute notice, helped us design the wedding of our dreams, and made everything come together beautifully! " Bride, Alexis